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Margo's Story: Honoring memories of loved ones

We've met so many of you in person, virtually or just through notes sent with your clothes. The stories are beautiful, personal-  often heartbreaking and touching. It's a reminder that we do so much more than make memory bears. We hope to help save memories for you and your loved ones through our work, and we carry you with us, long after your keepsakes are made and sent to you. 

I thought I'd share some of these wonderful stories with you. Up first is Margo! She graciously opened up and shared her story. She reached out to us in July 2023 and ordered a Memory Quilt and Memory Bunny. Here's the story behind her clothing keepsakes:
"My best friend died at age 44 of an aneurysm, then my dog died one year later of lymphoma, and 6 months afterwards I was diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening birth defect for which I had a major 7 hour surgery, and I’m still adjusting to it all.
Clothes for a memory bunny and memory quilt
I decided to gather and send to The Patchwork Bear a few gifts my dear friend had given me - one in honor of my dog we both loved so much, clothes I’d inherited from her, clothes I bought when she was with me, and clothes I wore in my hardest days post-surgery… all to help me honor the memories and the ways these experiences transformed me. 

The Patchwork Bear’s memory quilt and bunny creations turned out more powerful and extraordinary than I ever could’ve imagined. Not only were they absolutely stunning, I could feel the love and care resonating from both as I welcomed the beautiful metamorphoses back into my life.

The Patchwork Bear Team helped my heart heal in a way I didn’t know it needed to. I’m tearfully grateful to them for cherishing my memories and this process."

~Margo C.

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