Why choose The Patchwork Bear to make your custom keepsake?

The Patchwork Bear has been turning customer clothing into keepsakes since 2007 and understand your clothing is irreplaceable- full of stains and memories.

We know it is difficult to send your clothes away to be cut up, but you can trust that our talented design team will transform them into a keepsake you will love. We get to know you through the clothes you send and our goal is to create custom products from clothing that will bring back happy memories. 

What makes us stand out: 

      • Our products have received numerous awards, notably the Creative Child Magazine Award for Product of the Year for our Memory Bear.
      • The Patchwork Bear is a celebrity favorite- seen with Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Eli Manning and more.
      • We are an established, independent company based in Princeton, NJ and pride ourselves on our designs and quality workmanship.
      • You can be assured that clothing sent to us is received in a safe and secure indoor facility. We take great care of your items from start to finish.
      • We don't cut corners to save money. We add a premium cotton stabilizer on clothing which adds to the durability and longevity our products.
      • Other companies make quilts that are not actually quilts. They are blankets: your clothing sewn with fleece simply sewn on the back. All our quilts are made with traditional quilting techniques. Each piece is hand-cut and machine sewn. We use 100% cotton batting for warmth and 100% cotton backing then machine quilt all three layers (top, batting, backing) together for a quality finished quilt. This makes for a durable, quality quilt that will last as a family heirloom. 
Jennifer Garner patchwork bear Jessica Alba patchwork bear  

      Kyra Phillips patchwork bear
        • "My twins LOVE their Patchwork Bears! When they were 1, they loved to cuddle with them because of all the colors and special pictures. Now, at the age of 4, they are conversation pieces! Jen created the bears with all the memorable parts of clothing that I saved so each patch of the bear has a story! The kids love to listen and then tell others what their bears represent. For me, it's history and moments in time that I never want to forget. Our patchwork bears our timeless treasures for all of us!"

          -Kyra Phillips

          CNN Anchor/Correspondent