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Perfect Memory

I wasn’t sure what to expect with my 2 bears 🐻 and I Love them! I’m going to order 3 more. 🤗🙏

Love our memory quilt

The quilt is awesome! It turned out amazing and my son loves it. They included all the front and backs of all the shirts that i wanted and it looks amazing.

Bereavement Bear
David's Bear

I was so pleased with my Bereavement Bear. It was made up of my husband David's rugby shirt and the t-shirt that he took all his chemotherapy treatments in. It has brought me so much comfort. I find myself hugging it everyday. Thank you for a wonderful keepsake.

Amazing keepsakes

As always such beautiful and meaningful keepsakes… thanks for all that you do to keep
The memories alive

So Grateful

We ordered five bears made out of my dad’s shirts after he passed away and they all came out perfect. Thank you so much!

Bereavement Bear
Veronica S.
Less heartache

I received my memory beard and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart offering these kind of services to help with grieving.I love that we don’t have to get rid of loved ones clothing we can recycle them.My father passed away from pneumonia while being in the hospital unable to see him due to Covid lockdown with this bear makes my heart ache a little less.

Memory Quilt

Jen and her team did a beautiful job on a quilt I had made from my husband's clothes( he passed away Jan 2020) and this quilt her team made helps keep his memory alive. Jen texted me personally to have me look over the pieces of clothes before she made the quilt to make sure it was right, and it was perfect.
I would strongly recommend Jen and her team to anyone's family or friends. Love it !!


Had this special memory bear made for my niece’s baby shower. Used fabric from my Mom’s quilts and it was just perfect!! Wonderful memory to be passed down to her great grandchild. Love it!! ❤️


Exceeded My Expectations

I purchased these soon after my brother died for my children. I took a chance and thought it would be a nice gift. They are LOVELY bears. Much larger than I expected and incredibly well made. I would highly recommend them

Amazing stitching

Wonderful job using my mom and dads clothing ! Thank you !!

Memory Bunny

My mom passed in December. We used her old aprons to make bunnies. They came out so incredibly beautiful. I would highly recommend them and would order from them again!

Soul touching

Absolutely love the memory hugging my mother!

Original Memory Clothes Quilt, 48x60

The best!

The puppies are absolutely perfect! They exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier! I ordered three for my grandchildren so they could remember their grandpa. Thank you so much!


The bears are absolutely perfect! They exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much!

Bereavement Bear
Melissa B.
In love

Thankyou so much. I absolutely love my bear. I feel like I can hug my dad again. You guys are amazing. Could not be happier

Shared bear

The most wonderful gift for anyone. I used and old flannel of my fathers, and shirt my son wore often, who have both passed. The patchwork person or people did was amazing. I just sent the material and let them go their own way. I’m very grateful for the time and care you gave and the memory I and my grandchildren will have Thank you.

Very well made

Very well made. They made my grandmas clothes look like really expensive fabric. I can see my grandma in each square. I plan on hanging this quilt in my kids nursery one day:)

My heart is full.

I am so happy with this quilt! It truly is part of my Dad.

The Original Memory Bear

Blown Away!!!

I shed tears of joy for the first two days after receiving my precious patchwork bear made from my grandfathers jacket. Words simply cannot express how happy I am with my bear and the quality and care that was provided. I am blown away and so incredibly happy!!!!!

Thank you for this precious memory

Perfect Keepsake to Share!

Our set of memory birds is perfect and such a nice keepsake that married someone special fabrics across three generations in our family. Thanks so much!

Incredible job

I was quite excited to have a bear made from my brothers shirts. He was always in a dress shirt.
The quality far exceeded my expectations. He arrived wrapped beautifully, I hugged my bear immediately and started to cry.
Thank you for my “Jeff” bear.