The Original Memory Bear, personalized

$ 150.00

Your clothes hold memories from when you wore them. We help save them.


  • Baby clothes that mark the moment she first walked
  • Team jerseys from every one of his high school matches,
  • T-shirts from every concert you ever saw, 
  • Dresses and polos from all the places you traveled together
  • and even your wedding dress...

    We can turn them all into a handcrafted, keepsake bear that gives your memories so much more meaning than clothing stuffed away in a cardboard box.

    Choose 1-2 adult or 4-6 child or 6-10 infant/baby clothes per bear.

    *This Memory Bear INCLUDES custom personalization on both feet.

    How does it work? 

    1. Place your order online here.
    2. We EMAIL shipping instructions & order form 
    3. Send the order form & clothes to our studio and in approximately 4-6 weeks, you will receive your custom memory bear made entirely from your clothes!

    Measures approximately 17 inches tall and features embroidered eyes and nose to added charm and safety. Each bear is handmade to order in our Princeton, NJ studio and we encourage your design input!

    **If you would like to give a Memory Bear as a gift, please order our Memory Bear Gift Kit. (It's the same as this memory bear, just packaged for gift giving!)


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 79 reviews
    Elizabeth G.
    My most precious keepsakes!

    I know have 3 memory bears. My husband first found Patchwork Bear and decided to make his aunt a bear in memory of his late uncle. After seeing what it was I decided to order one for us. We had just had a baby and we discovered very quickly how fast clothes get weeded because they no longer fit. We were fortunate enough to donate a lot of stuff to my best friend but some things I wanted forever! I had my first bear made and now I have 3 with an order for a 4th! We decided to memorialize all of ours Son’s firsts in bears so we have a fall bear, a Christmas bear (winter), a new year bear and we will have his final gear his 1st year bear! The quality and care that goes into these bears is unreal! They are beyond wonderful and I can’t wait for my kids to cherish these memories too!

    One Bear that sticks out from the rest!

    The Patchwork Bear did an INCREDIBLE job with my late husband's memory bear. From the placement of the fabric and the words to even the smallest details like placing the tags of the clothing on the bear, so creative! Everything was done in a timely and professional manner. I would recommend this company to anyone who has lost someone or as a gift to someone who has lost someone. Such a thoughtful gift that I will have for years to come. Thank you Patchwork Bear for keeping my husband's spirit alive in this thoughtful gift.

    Sandra S.
    Stunned and Grateful!

    I'm blown away by my two memory bears! I am so impressed by the workmanship and the artistic prowess of the designs. I had one small request/idea for each bear but otherwise, put it all into the hands of your designers. How glad I am! First, not only were my requests incorporated but the artist expanded on them and the results were amazing. I have no doubt that I’ll be a repeat customer and have no hesitation in referring these talented artists to everyone!

    Judy H.
    Beautiful Keepsake for my Grandson

    We were devastated at the loss of our son. While he will forever live in our hearts, I was looking for a way to physically hold on to his memory. I saw the ad for Patchwork Bear and thought that would be a perfect way. I chose two of his favorite tshirts and had a beautiful bear made for us. This also gave me the idea to have another one made for his 10 year old son. Holden was so surprised and pleased to receive his bear. Keepsake bears are such a lovely way to hold on to the memory of someone we love that is no longer with us.

    WENDY R.

    I have two Memory Animals - one for my sons, who are in their 30s, and one for my 7-year-old granddaughter. I love them. The sewing is exceptional, and the fabric design is very well-thought-out. Instead of keeping boxes and boxes of baby clothes where they can't be seen, I chose my favorites and now see them every day on my bear and bunny. This is the ultimate keepsake!