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Why Choose Us - The Patchwork Bear Difference

Why Choose Us - The Patchwork Bear Difference

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is:
"Why are your bears so expensive?"

Basically, it's time (labor), cost & experience. We're more than a hobby shop, we're a full-service professional business that has been trusted since 2003 to make keepsakes out of your clothes.

  • TIME: Many hours of work goes into making just one Memory Bear
  • TIME: We take the added step to prep & stabilize your clothes before cutting each of the 23 individual pieces that make up one memory bear. 
  • TIME to sew the bear together, then stuff and hand-sew each opening closed.
  • TIME to communicate with you to let you know we received your clothes safely and let you know when your finished bear is ready to ship
  • TIME to package & ship your bear with care & real-time UPS tracking
  • COST to make your keepsakes in a professional sewing studio located in Pennington, NJ with industrial machines
  • COST to train and hire designers and sewists and pay a fair wage. Sewing and design is an underrated skill that doesn't get enough credit.
  • COST: We take the extra step to have every package signed for and kept in a secure, indoor facility. Packages are NEVER left outside, subject to bad weather or theft. 
  • COST to run a small business: packaging, admin, marketing, education...they all add up when running a professional business- but worth it to create a quality, handmade product.
  • EXPERIENCE: We're a small, talented team of designers & sewists that are paid a fair wage.
  • EXPERIENCE: We've been making memory bears for over 20 years of experience working with every type of clothing, customer and keepsake. We can handle each custom order with confidence and professionalism.
  • EXPERIENCE: We've been trusted to make literally thousands of bears.
  • EXPERIENCE: We work in a bright & inspired professional sewing studio to create keepsakes that a as durable as they are sentimental.
  • EXPERIENCE: Our bears have been named one of Oprah's Favorite Things, been featured on CBS Morning Show, People Magazine, HGTV/DIY Network and beloved by celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Garner, Matthew MacConaughey and more. 


Yes, you can have a memory bear made elsewhere like on Etsy and there are a few good sewers out there that can make a bear for you BUT THERE'S A DIFFERENCE.

Not all memory bears are the same

The Original Memory Bear by The Patchwork Bear

Do your research. Ask questions. Get to know WHO is cutting up your irreplaceable clothing and WHAT their experience is. HOW do they secure your clothes when they arrive? WHERE do they cut and sew your clothes? Is it a dedicated sewing space or with pets, smells and spills? Do they make your bear themselves or send them to someone else? We fully support other small businesses, but it's difficult and heartbreaking for us to try to repair bears that have been poorly sewn by someone else. 

Take it from our customer, Shackty V. 

"I absolutely loved the bears. I made a mistake to order from another company, their job was terrible, I reached out to Jennifer from the Patchwork and told her the terrible work the other company did, she and her team took a very challenging job to make my bears look amazing. I had ordered from the patchwork bear before and their work is impeccable. I regret it so much not ordering from them the second time. I highly recommend the Patchwork bear
The bears came absolutely beautiful, I can't thank them enough for saving the pieces of my loved one. ❤️
Thank you. Thank you. - Shackty V.

She ordered a bear from another company and received the bear in the "theirs" photo above which was less than acceptable. After we took apart that bear to make a new one, there wasn't enough material to make a full-sized Memory Bear. Thankfully, we were able to make Bitty Bears from them!  

Here's the Bitty Bears we remade from the poorly constructed "theirs" bears. She had 15 bears remade into 15 bitty bears!

bitty bears memory bears


In a nutshell, you can trust us make a memory bear that is thoughtfully designed and sewn with quality and care- backed by over 20 years of experience.
We want you to have a memory bear that is as unique as the person whose clothes it's made out of. 



Any questions? SEND ME A MESSAGE
THANK YOU for supporting my little bear business!


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