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Choosing Clothes for Your Memory Bear

The question we receive the most is:
What kind of clothes can I use to make my memory bear?

We can use almost any type of clothing and the best kind to send are:

  • cotton & cotton blend shirts & pants
  • t-shirts & dri-fit shirts
  • team jerseys & uniforms
  • baby onesies & clothes

We can use almost any type of clothing so it's easier to say what NOT to send:

  • heavyweight knits or outerwear
  • leather
  • fur
  • costumes
  • clothes with beads/sequins
  • dresses with overlay chiffon, sheer material (additional labor charges will apply since it
  • clothes that are overly stained or smelly
  • in general, anything thick or bulky that may have trouble fitting under our machines

QUICK TIP: When we make your memory bears, there are parts of the bear up to 5 layers of thickness with the seam allowances. To check if your clothes are too thick, fold it so there are 5 layers on top of each other. If it's higher than 1/4" then it's too thick to use.

How to choose clothes for your memory bear by The Patchwork Bear


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