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What did you do with your baby's hospital receiving blanket?

You know the one's I'm talking about...the pink and blue striped blankets that's like the lovely parting gift that comes with every baby home from the hospital (or if you're me, 4-5 of them!) Did you know just one company, Medline, makes almost all of them in the US? 1.5 million a year actually. 

Here's part of a great article from Medtegrity with the history of that ubiquitous blanket:

"The origin of this receiving blanket is actually fairly simple. It was all started by a healthcare linen supply company named Medline, located in Mundelein, Illinois, and by A.L. Mills, to be exact.

His original job was to make butcher aprons, and eventually that led him to creating surgical attire. As it became more common for women to give birth in the hospital setting as opposed to at home, the drab cloth that hospitals were using as a baby blanket was in need of an appealing upgrade. That’s where Mills came in.

He settled on the white, pink and blue combination because it was simple, so it wouldn’t detract from the real focus of the event (the baby), and it also kept the receiving blanket gender-neutral so the blanket could remain versatile.

And his intentions behind the design were picked up…a lot. Every year, 
Medline sells approximately 1.5 million of this design, which has been called the Kuddle-Up blanket."

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Memory Bear made with baby's receiving blanket and clothes by The Patchwork Bear

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