Wedding Dress Quilt, Extra Large 60x60

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This is the largest wedding quilt we create- 60x60 inches square. Please note if your wedding dress does not have enough material to create this size, we can use coordinating fabric or another article of clothing you provide. 

Turn your wedding dress into a beautiful handmade quilt! Your dress will be pieced with parts of your dress to create a keepsake quilt that can be cherished for years to come. Don't leave your dress in a box- display it in a quilt! Reverses to 100% white cotton fabric.

Hand-cut pieces of your dress will be pieced together to highlight the unique qualities of your dress, plus any additional special touches you want to include in the design. The entire quilt top will be made from your dress, unless there is not enough dress material to work with. In this case, we can incorporate coordinating fabric or you can add another article of clothing (groom's suit/tie, bridesmaid dress, mother's wedding dress, etc)

Finished quilt measures approximately 48x60 inches. 

We've made the process as simple as possible!

1. Place your order online.

2. Ship your dress to The Patchwork Bear, 174 Nassau Street #210, Princeton, NJ 08542.

3. We create a design sketch of your quilt for you to review. The design will be based on the basic pattern shown in the photo with a few changes to highlight the unique features of your dress. We work with you to finalize the quilt design to ensure a timeless keepsake quilt.

4. We start creating your quilt  and 8-12 after we receive your dress, you will receive your custom keepsake Wedding Dress Quilt!

The cost of this quilt includes all labor, materials, design time and custom personalization. The only additional cost is for shipping. Any questions? Email if you would like more information.

Customer Reviews

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Leann M.

Very happy with the finished wedding dress quilt

Anne G.

I love the beautiful quilt made from my wedding dress! I saved my dress from 54 years ago but we had to downsize. No room for the dress! So now I can treasure my keepsake and memories and enjoy it daily! It is gorgeous and superb workmanship. Thank You!!