Memory Patchwork Puppy

$ 150.00

Another patchwork pet to love: PATCHWORK PUPPY!

This adorable puppy is made entirely from your clothes, from his little tail to his big snout. Each article of clothing is stabilized, cut and sewn to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake for you to remember the special moments made when the clothes were worn.

Puppy design credit to the talented crew at Funky Friends Factory!


Please note: These are keepsake memory puppies and not toys. They are not designed or intended for use as a toy for children of any age. While we do not use any buttons, plastic eyes or small parts, they are made entirely from your clothes and therefore have not been tested and do not conform to any safety standards or guidelines in place for children’s toys.The Patchwork Bear does not accept any liability for the misuse of these keepsakes. 


Customer Reviews

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Suzan O.
Love these patchwork puppies so so so much!

You guys did an extraordinary job with our two puppies!!! Our daughter is having twin boys. We used fabric from my wedding dress, my mom’s wedding dress, my dad’s tie and my husband’s shirt. They were a very special hit!!

Julie C.
The best!

The puppies are absolutely perfect! They exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier! I ordered three for my grandchildren so they could remember their grandpa. Thank you so much!

Lani J.

I had this made for my sister from my moms clothes. It was from a shirt that she had worn to our last gathering together. My sons wedding. Three months before she passed. I was glad I had so many pictures of her wearing the shirt so I could give them to my sister as well.
Thank you for offering this service and making something lasting out of something so special. It’s beautiful and my sister loves it.

Margaret N.

I purchased this for my Grandchildren. They each picked out a shirt to use. The quality is great and I could not have been more pleased. This is a wonderful way to remember their Pawpaw.

Joanna M.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the lovely team at the Patchwork Bear! The puppy was exactly how we envisioned it would be, and my son loves having it as a memory of his Grandpa. We will treasure it forever!