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Meet the Maker: Jennifer Cura, founder The Patchwork Bear

Just joining #MarchMeetTheMaker. Better late than never, right? Theme is about “YOU” which is a good place to start for anyone new here...

🐻 I’m Jen Cura and had the idea for The Patchwork Bear over 15 years ago. Fast forward to 2015 when I took the leap: moved out of the basement and to a light-filled studio in downtown Princeton, New Jersey. The thought of paying rent and being ‘official’ was terrifying (and still is).

🐻 I have 3 kids and have been married for almost 28 years. Turned the big 5-0 this year. 50 is the new 50 (really!) and I love it.

🐻 Lots of times I don’t know what I’m doing and just wing it

🐻 I love color but wear mostly black

🐻 I was a gestational surrogate for my sister. It left me with deep respect for anyone struggling with infant loss, infertility and longing to be a parent.

🐻 I’m learning to not mind posting pics of myself. Watch out: I’m trying to get the nerve to post sewing videos

🐻 I still love what I do! The stories you share about memories made in the clothes you send are what keep me engaged and thankful.

🐻 I love chocolate- just not for dessert

🐻 I’m claustrophobic and hate elevators. Got stuck between floors in one years ago and haven’t been the same since.

🐻 As long as I’m learning, I’m happy and motivated.

Whew- that was not easy. If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read:)

xo- Jen

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