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How many clothes can you use in one Memory Bear?

How many clothes can you use in one Memory Bear?

We get this questions often. We can use from one, two, three.. or up to 6 different articles of clothing in one Bear. The most important thing is to send what is special to you and brings back the best memories!

Everyone is different and have different clothes they would like saved. In general, we try to use ALL the clothes sent to us- unless specifically requested. With that in mind, it's helpful to pin notes on your clothes with specific requests like: definitely use this, use this logo, use as much of this as possible, only use if needed, etc. We also love reading what memories you made in these clothes- so include a personal note if you feel so inclined.

You have the option to have unused clothes and scraps sent back with the finished keepsake at no charge under 3lbs. With that in mind please limit the amount of clothing you send to save on shipping costs. Memory Bears are approximately 17 inches tall so we don't need a whole box of clothing sent to us for just one bear. If you have too many clothes, why not order multiple bears? Contact us for discounts of 3 or more bears.

Some ideas: one bear with one theme: baby’s first year, team jerseys.. or one bear from different people/generations or all of your favorite clothes. So many possibilities! Can't wait to see what you send us!

xo- Jen


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