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Lily's Story: A Little Love from Paw Paw

Lily's Story: A Little Love from Paw Paw

This is a blog series where we share the stories of your loved ones. We've met so many of you in person, virtually or just through notes sent with your clothes. The stories are beautiful, personal-  often heartbreaking and touching.

It's a reminder that we do so much more than make memory bears. We hope to help save memories for you and your loved ones through our work, and we carry you with us, long after your keepsakes are made and sent to you. 

This is Lily and her beloved Paw Paw.

Lily adored her Paw Paw and the 2 were inseparable. Sadly, he passed away in 2021. She has missed him terribly and her grandma, Dee Dee had a memory bear made for her on his birthday.


“Lily’s Paw Paw” bear was created from a sweater, pullover and the polo with “Lily’s Paw Paw” on the pocket.  All given to him for his birthday and Christmas.  It even includes a saying they had with each other and his own signature taken from a card he gave her. Lily adored her Paw Paw and the 2 were inseparable.  She has, as we all, have missed him terribly since he passed away in 2021.  It was such a beautiful gift to be able to give her, a memory bear made from his clothes.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the team at Patchwork Bear for making such a beautiful treasure!!" - Dee Dee B.

This little bear has several special details like this custom signature transfer that includes her Paw Paw's actual handwriting.

In addition to making memory bears entirely from your most sentimental clothes, we can customize them even more with add on touches like this.  You can see all the add-ons here: Memory Bear Add-Ons

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