T Shirt Teddy Memory Bear

$ 120.00

Do you have a few favorite t-shirts you just can't part with? We can turn them into a memory bear! Depending on the size and condition of the shirt, we need 2 adult size t-shirts to make one memory bear.

How does it work? 

1. Place your order here online.

 2. We will EMAIL shipping instructions**, including tips on choosing clothes and printable order form. Just pick your clothes, fill out the ORDER FORM and send them to:

The Patchwork Bear, 174 Nassau Street #210, Princeton, NJ 08542

3. Approximately 4 weeks after we receive your clothes, your custom Keepsake Memory Bear will be complete and shipped back to you! May take longer during holiday and peak seasons). 

That's all there is to it! Easy peasy.


**If you would like to give a Memory Bear as a gift, please order our Memory Bear Gift Kit. (It's the same as this memory bear, just packaged for gift giving!)


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peggy H.

I love my bear! It was made with T-shirts from the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven, MI. It is an event that has many wonderful memories for our family. I’ll be ordering more bears for my family!!

Emily S.

So in love with these memory bears! The quality is amazing, I can not believe how perfect they are. I sent in a lot of material that was all 14+ years old, different textures and different thickness.. I was unsure how well they would go together. But they all went to together wonderfully. I am so impressed. If I ever need another keepsake like this I will definitely come back to the Patchwork Bear!

Suzanne S.

I just love the job that was done with the materials that I sent....beautif job and a great memory bear

Keri H.

So cute loved it! Such a fun way to save an old T-shirt!

Diane D.

My bear was a birthday gift to me. It was a collaboration of several T shirts I did not wear anymore but all meant something. One was Coast Guard that my grandfather, Jim, gave me; two was deep sea from my husband and I wore it thru my three pregnancies; three was Enjoy Life and it was my late father-in-law's, John and four was a Bethany Beach, DE shirt - our family vacation spot. All have stories and meaningful memories for me. My bear currently is in my livingroom for all to see and for me to be reminded daily of these people, stories and memories.