Original Memory Clothes Quilt, 48x60

$ 375.00

Sorry we have reached our production limit through July 2022.

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Transform your favorite clothes/blankets into an instant heirloom quilt! Clothes are hand-cut into 6-inch squares and pieced together to form an original patchwork quilt. Measures approximately 48x60 inches square. 100% cotton batting; reverses to 100% cotton fabric.

We can incorporate larger squares in the design (6x6, 6x12, 12x12, etc) if you have an item with a larger design. Please pin notes on clothes with any special instructions. Since each quilt is made to order, your design requests are welcome.

** This custom, handmade item takes approx. 8-12 weeks for delivery (longer during holiday season Oct-Dec) After you place your order, we will contact you with shipping information and tips on choosing clothes for your quilt.

It's easy:

  1. After you place your order, we email shipping instructions, tips on choosing clothes and a printable order form.
  2. Send your clothes with the order form to us
  3. Approximately 8-12 weeks after we receive your clothes, you receive your custom memory quilt made entirely from your clothes!


Other good stuff:

  • We encourage your input in the design. You can pin notes on clothes with special requests like: use this entire design, use this logo, use as much of this as possible, etc.
  • You can choose the color for the back of your quilt on the order form
  • Add personalization on your quilt in our ADD-ON collection
  • In general, we cut the clothes down to 4-inch blocks for baby clothes; 6-inch for child/adult clothes. We can create larger blocks upon request to include graphics or logos on the clothes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Love our memory quilt

The quilt is awesome! It turned out amazing and my son loves it. They included all the front and backs of all the shirts that i wanted and it looks amazing.

Michele C.
Memory Quilt

Jen and her team did a beautiful job on a quilt I had made from my husband's clothes( he passed away Jan 2020) and this quilt her team made helps keep his memory alive. Jen texted me personally to have me look over the pieces of clothes before she made the quilt to make sure it was right, and it was perfect.
I would strongly recommend Jen and her team to anyone's family or friends. Love it !!

April S.

Original Memory Clothes Quilt, 48x60

Marcus T.
Very well made

Very well made. They made my grandmas clothes look like really expensive fabric. I can see my grandma in each square. I plan on hanging this quilt in my kids nursery one day:)

Kathleen K.

We had this quilt made immediately after our mom passed. It was a quick way to get rid of her clothes and yet keep them at the same time. We were looking forward to receiving it but we couldn’t have imagined how breathtaking it actually is. My sister and I started crying as soon as we saw it. The quilt just embodies my mom in the most comforting and classy way. I cannot express how in love with this quilt I am. I’m already searching for more clothing to have another made! The quilt is made so artistically, thoughtfully, and dutifully. We’re obsessed.