Memory Elephant

$ 65.00

We love this sweet elephant! It is ideal to send two articles of clothing for the elephant (contrasting ears/tail look best) but we can also just use one item if it is child-sized 4T or larger.

His ears are hand-embroidered for added charm and safety. Measures approximately 9 inches tall x 10 inches wide.


Please note: These are keepsakes and not toys. They are not designed or intended for use as a toy for children of any age. While we do not use any buttons, plastic eyes or small parts, they are made entirely from your clothes and therefore have not been tested and do not conform to any safety standards or guidelines in place for children’s toys.The Patchwork Bear does not accept any liability for the misuse of these keepsakes. 

Customer Reviews

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sharon l.
Beyond happy

I am so happy with how my elephants turned out. My son's shirts turned out to be an amazing gift for our family. Its hard to put into words what a beautiful job was done. I am so appreciative for the talent and we now have a special memory! FOREVER!!

Angelica d.l.
What do birds and elephant have in common….

The scarf used belong to my sister who passed away 9 years ago..she had 2 sons and a daughter. The daughter will be getting married in June 2022. She did not want anything store bought as a wedding present, since I had my sister’s scarf I thought to have it used for the 3 birds, one for each of her kids… And an elephant….took photos of the scarf before I sent it to you…. That way they know it’s from their mom.. actually my niece has the same scarf but different color… I was going to give scarf away…good thing I asked her if it was her mom’s…
One of her sons had a daughter last year and she gets the elephant…. I hope they will like it..
And yes I loved the handmade keepsake..The birds and the elephant were all made wonderfully. I can feel the care and love that went into making them… thank you
so much…
Peace and love…

Suzanne C.

The elephant created for me by clothes sent in by me is just absolutely beautiful! It is a companion to the Memory Bear that was given to me from a close friend 9 years ago and sits perfectly in his lap! Instructions were followed very carefully, craftmanship is wonderful, and quality is top notch. I am very thankful for The Patchwork Bear and the comfort they have provided.

Tricia W.

Patchwork Bear did a wonderful job on creating an elephant from my twin brother's clothes for our nephew, exactly as I requested. It is a great comfort to me that my nephew will have this reminder of his uncle.

Marissa R.

I was nervous to send my 2 sons baby clothes in, shipping was fast, communication was great and the end result left me speechless. It is better than I ever imagined and an amazing way to cherish the memories of when my boys were babies.