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Matilda Jane DOTTIE Patchwork Bear

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We FINALLY we able to acquire one of our favorite Matilda Jane dresses of all time: the Gypsy Blue Dottie Lap Dress - and quickly cut it up to create this darling bear. Dottie features the bib front from the lap dress plus all the ruffles and details that make it such a fan favorite. Hues of blue, cream, tan and brown dots make this a timeless and classic patchwork bear. Hurry before we keep it for ourselves!



Dottie is not intended for use by children 3 and under since she has buttons from the original dress which can be a choking hazard.



**PLEASE NOTE: This is a one-of-a-kind bear. Dottie will list as out of stock at checkout (on bottom in red) if it has sold. Since this is a one-of-a-kind bear, we cannot backorder so please do not cart and pay if it shows as out of stock.