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We know it can be hard to send your clothes to be made into a keepsake. You can trust us to take tender care from start to finish and made the process simple. Here's how it works:


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We EMAIL shipping instructions & order form


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help reduce landfill waste by upcycling favorite clothes and give them new life


our talented designers expertly transform your clothes into a new and practical keepsake


your clothes have memories. we save them and bring them to life


How long does the process to take to have a memory bear or other keepsake made?

For memory animals, it takes about 4-6 weeks to complete AFTER we receive your clothes. For memory quilts, wedding keepsakes and bags, it takes about 8-12 weeks to complete AFTER we receive your clothes. If you have a specific deadline, please let us know in advance and include the date on your order form so we can expedite your order. Additional rush or overnight shipping charges may apply.  

I'm worried about sending my irreplacable clothes. Can I trust you?  

Absolutely! Your peace of mind is our top priority. In addition to having a clean, bright & professional sewing studio, we took the added step/cost to have all packages delivered to a certified UPS Store location just a few doors down from the studio. Why? Since packages can be delivered at any time of day- and we can't be in the studio 24/7, this ensures your clothes are ALWAYS safe and not left outside to the elements or subject to theft. Each and every package is signed for when received and kept in a safe, indoor location. Then we process each package and let you know it arrived safely.

What method of shipping do you recommend to send our clothes?

We recommend UPS or FedEX since all shipments come with real-time tracking and are most reliable. If you use USPS Priority Mail, please be sure to add tracking to your order. All finished keepsakes are shipped back to you through UPS Ground with tracking (or USPS for PO Boxes or Canada)

What types of clothes can I use for my keepsake?  

We can use almost any type of clothing EXCEPT: leather, fur, heavyweight knits and outerwear, bulky fleece or other thick fabrics, stiff jeans or twill (like Wrangler, Carhart), costumes, swimwear and underwear (oh please, no undies!). We can use satin in limited amounts. 

How many clothes should I send?  

We'll send specific instructions to you based on the item your order since the amount varies based on size and style of clothing.  As a guideline:

For a patchwork pet (memory bear, bunny, puppy): Send 1-2 adult size (or 6-8 child; 8-12 baby) clothes. 
For a memory quilt: VARIES depending on the quilt size and can range from 8-18 adult size clothes. 

Can keepsakes be used as toys?

NO. All Memory Bears by The Patchwork Bear are decorative keepsakes only.
They are NOT designed or intended for use as a toy for children of any age. While we do not use buttons, plastic eyes or small parts on any of our memory bears, they are made from your clothes that you send. The nature of the fabrics used to make these items have not been tested and therefore do not conform to any safety standards or guidelines in place for children’s toys. The Patchwork Bear does not accept any liability for the misuse of these Keepsake Memory Bears.

Do you send unused clothing or clothing scraps back to me?  

Yes, you can indicate on the order form if you want the scraps sent back (less than 3 lbs). In general, we try to use ALL the clothes you send to us, unless otherwise requested. Please don't send too many clothes since we have limited studio space plus it increases shipping costs and is more difficult to design.

I only have one shirt. Can you make a bear or animal from it?  

Yes, we can make a memory animal from just one article of clothing. If it is not enough fabric, we can use a coordinating cotton fabric in limited amounts so the final design highlights the one piece.  

Can I make design requests for my keepsake?  

YES! We encourage you to pin notes on clothes with special requests like: use this logo, use as much of this as possible, use this for the body, etc. Keep in mind some graphics may be cut off to fit animal patterns or quilt blocks. We do our best to include as much as possible in the design.  

Can I personalize my keepsake?  

Yes, see the ADD-ON section (in the main menu) to add personalization and other special touches to your keepsake like: embroidered hearts, a signature transferred to fabric, and more.

Why choose The Patchwork Bear? It is worth the cost? (Yes, it is!)  

Your clothes are irreplaceable. We know what to with them to create a quality heirloom that will last.    

We are a small team of designers/makers and the cost of labor is by far our biggest expense, as well as costs to run a business. That's the main difference between us and other makers. We are a full business not a hobby, and believe the quality of our work reflects this. 

We take pride in the quality of our work and there are costs associated with this. We pay a fair wage and take the time needed to design and create your keepsakes in a dedicated sewing studio where each order can be tracked, designed and shipped. Each item is created to highlight the unique qualities of the clothes you send and time/care is taken in each step of the process from when we receive your clothes to when they are shipped to you.

Since 2005, we've been making keepsakes out of your clothes and we're the ORIGINAL memory bear maker. We're proud of our reputation for creating thoughtfully design and professionally sewn keepsakes to preserve your memories. Featured on CBS Morning Show, People, Women's Day, Pregnancy, and are one of Oprah's Favorite Things! iIf Oprah trusts us as one of her Favorite Things, you can too.    

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